The Functionality of Film Studios in Nollywood


Hollywood offers a range of big studios with hi-tech facilities for example The new sony pictures entertainment, Vital pictures, Universal studios, twentieth century fox, Warner bros, and Wally Disney. Shooting of films can occur in both the studios or on location (exterior or internal) places. Company directors in Hollywood and Bollywood can choose to shoot their movies through the alternatives. Regrettably, exactly the same can’t be stated of the counterpart, Nollywood. Despite its being rated as the second biggest movie producing body on the planet, it’s ridiculous to notice that filming within this modern era are transported out mainly on location.

Filming on location is transported in a genuine atmosphere, without any studio equipments and accompaniments, set constructions, and varies from using people’s homes within the urban and rural areas, eateries, to accessories / clothes shops, roads, and beaches. Filming on location, mainly in the open is not free from natural/ artificial challenges for example bad / unfavourable weather, environmental noise from vehicles, passing aircraft, society’s miscreants (area boys interference), unparalleled traffic, the necessity to obtain requisite clearance to film from residents and native government bodies, undesirable viewing through the public who simply stand watching the scenes being shot not to mention transportation cost incurred for moving the whole equipments, crew and cast through the development. These anomalies may be easily avoided once the movie is shot inside a functional, standard studio. Possibly, the recording of real magnificent spots within their totality, without having any artificial influence, and price saved from constructing various sets, still spurs filmmakers up, to film on location.

Inside a studio, the show maker can control the anomalies of filming on location as mentioned earlier, easily shoot under water, and thru chroma keying make settings which could have been impossible to capture, possible. There’s two studios right now in Nigeria (established to run using the Worldwide standard), that are Tinapa studio (Calabar) which from the Nigerian Film Corporation, Jos. However, much is not learned about the productions coming forth using their stables. It’s not however obvious exactly what the problem may be which has avoided most company directors/filmmakers from benefiting from while using studios facilities.

Ije (Your way) a legendary movie by Chineze Anyaene, that was partially shot in (Nigeria and La), utilized the facilities in the Nigerian Film corporation, Jos to shoot certain scenes in Nigeria. Studio Tinapa after being commissioned years back to supply filmmakers, company directors, the chance of manufacturing first class documentaries, movies and videos, continued to be non-functional. However, Hi Media Limited, parent company of Hi TV, is stated to possess gone into public private partnership using the Mix River condition government. Hi Media owns 51% equity within the studio. Tinapa studio could be altered to paradise studio. It’s wished by using such development, company directors/filmmakers would easily shoot within the studio?