Tips and Methods to recognize an authentic Autographed Photo


Autographed photos are actually excellent gifts as these photos are thought precious by collectors. Buying an autographed photo or signed memorabilia can be quite hard particularly if you are purchasing a signed collectible the very first time. This information will talk about some suggestions and methods that will help you pick which photo is reputable and which isn’t.

Pre Print and Duo Print

Pre print photos are essentially photos which have been signed with a celebrity after which copied via a machine. These autographed photos don’t have any significant resale value because they are not regarded as genuine signed memorabilia products. The easiest method to distinguish these photos in the real ones would be to contain the photo up to and including light. Pre print photos are fuzzy and original photos aren’t. Duo print photos are essentially photos which have another signature printed on the top so they look original however these photos will also be considered fake. Duo print photos don’t have any significant resale value and genuine collectors do not buy these photos. Dup print photos could be identified in the same manner as pre print photos.

Proxy of Secretary Signature

Some celebrities ask proxies or their secretaries to sign their photos on their behalf. These photos will also be regarded as fakes because they are not signed through the celebrity. The easiest method to identify fake autograph photos is to determine the signature having a real one. Real signatures of the celebrity are available on the web because so many websites set up the actual signatures to differentiate them from fake signatures. At occasions proxy signatures are not far from the actual signature so you may want to make use of a magnifier to understand the main difference.

Rubber Stamp Signature

An autograph photo which has a rubber stamp signature is extremely simple to identify. The rubber stamp signature is generally very untidy and also at occasions the signature could be faded. Although rubber stamp photographs are simple to identify the fact is that there are lots of such fake photos being offered in stores.


A forged autographed photo might or might not be simple to identify since many people who forge signatures are extremely proficient at the things they’re doing. Forged signature photos are offered online by unscrupulous people who wish to make quick cash. The easiest method to identify this fraud would be to compare the signature within the photo using the real signature available on the web.

Protecting Your Interests

To be able to safeguard your personal interests you can examine the signature completely before having to pay for this. If you’ve been offered an imitation photo then you need to complain towards the concerned government bodies. Knowing that you’ve a fake photo don’t sell the photo because the effects of promoting fake products could be serious. It’s also wise to buy costly autographed collectibles only from genuine websites that are recognized to sell the actual factor. If you’re offered an autographed collectible from the person upfront that you don’t know then you need to think hard before choosing that item.